Darwin said that the most adaptable species survived and thrived.

Will you adapt to the new realities of the digital age?

Will your employer?

Will your Country?

No question is more important.

What brand new industries will appear? Which ones will vanish?


What education and career decisions will enable you (or your children) to get and hold a great job and develop the lifestyle that comes with it?


What countries will put policies in place that will encourage these new industries to flourish? Which countries will continue down the path of investing in dinosaur industries?


What new employers and great jobs will spring out of these disruptive changes? What traditional employers will respond to them in a timely manner? Which ones will stagnate or perish?

About Paul Barter

Paul Barter is a technology strategist and innovation executive who advises corporations on how to reinvent themselves and defend their businesses against fast-moving, well-financed startups. He also educates big businesses, policy makers and more about technology trends and speaks extensively about the intersection of technology and society.

Paul has over 30 years of experience in the technology product and services sector with firms such as General Electric, MobileQ, nGenera Innovation Network, T4G Limited, Schulich School of Business and MaRS Discovery District.